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Benefits outline and Maryland Tax forms for artists whose work is produced in the Oakland A&E District

Living & Working In The District

Dave Bruffy


Come visit the Gallery in Oakland, MD or browse through and purchase original photographs and canvas prints, sized to your liking, shipped to your home or business. Prints will be added to each as they arrive, fresh from the camera's eye.
Buying unique art for your home or business doesn't get any easier and you won't see these prints in any big department or furniture store.



Mary Sincell McEwen


Mary Sincell McEwen is a writer of fiction and creative non-fiction. She is employed as the arts and entertainment editor of the Garrett County Republican newspaper, a publication of NCWV Media. She manages the press for area arts events and activities, and pens a column once a month for the paper. McEwen is the recipient of a Maryland Delaware Washing, D.C., (MDDC) Press Association Award for Column Writing. She has written several short stories that have been juried into the Garrett County Arts Council's Ginseng literary journal. She earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in theatre (playwriting) at West Virginia University.


John R. Mcewen

Writer, Photographer & Film Critic

John served as the staff photographer of The Republican newspaper for 18 years, and wrote more than 700 movie reviews, which can be found at They appear on the national site Rotten Tomatoes, and are tagged in many other review sites. He earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in theatre from West Virginia University.


Paul Durham


Paul Durham specializes in landscape and travel photography with an emphasis on the American West, Appalachia, Ireland and the British Isles. Black and white imagery is often employed to convey the light, drama and sense of place of these special areas. He also travels extensively to Haiti to document the trials of its people as they recover from the January 2010 earthquake. A native of Maryland, his career has spanned that of a conservation professional to a natural resources consultant. His passion for landscapes and the outdoors drives his work. Although raised in the wet darkroom in the 1970s his work is now entirely digital. Paul also does work in the areas of interpretive services, exhibit design, web imaging, and stock photography.



 James Heidenreich


I have been in Key West, Florida for the last 21 years, and now travel the country doing murals and art. I recently moved back to my original state of Maryland.  I am now in Garrett County Maryland, just south of Deep Creek Maryland. Feel free to call me anytime at 305 849 0910,


Living & Working Near The District

Amy Umbel

Grantsville, Wood Carver

With a passion for painting and decoration, I have become interested in combining folk culture, patterns, and the roots of human expression. I'm interested in building upon craft traditions to keep them relevant to our culture. I use traditional hand-work methods to make beautiful utilitarian objects as well as sculptural work. I focus on the combination of my experience, art, and woodworking.


Andrew, Dolores|Oakland, Painter
Arnson, Alan | Accident, Artisan
Arnson, Sue | Accident, Multiple Media
Ashby, Joanne | Oakland, Fabric Artisan
Bauer, Mary Lou | Swanton, Painter
Becker, Sara | Deep Creek, Painter
Bednarzik, Barbara | Deep Creek, Painter
Bellow, Mike | Oakland, Photographer
Blizzard, Caroline | Oakland, Photographer
Brobst, Jesse | Oakland, Pen & Ink
Browning, Bob | Oakland, Musician
Carney, Bob | Oakland, Photographer
Chaney, Joan | McHenry, Fabric Artisan
Coene, Maggi | Oakland, Fabric Artisan
Cooper, Clare | Oakland, Musician, Lessons in Violin, Cello
Crawford, Terah |McHenry, Musician, Songwriter
Deep Creek Pottery | McHenry, Potter
Dennis, Mike | Swanton, Wood Artisan
Diller, Rebecca E |Oakland, Photographer, Jeweler
Dunham, Marge | Oakland, Fabric Artisan
Dunham, Neil | Oakland, Wood Artisan
Elsey, Sharon L.  | Oakland, Painter
Englander, Barb | Oakland, Fabric Artisan
Fetchko, John | McHenry, Glass Artisan
Folmsbee, Nancy | Accident, Multiple Media
Flinn, Marianne | Oakland, Musician, Lessons, Piano, Keyboard, Organ
Frick, Joshua | Oakland, Metal work
Gibbs, Kathleen | Oakland, Photographer, Jeweler
Gilbert, Lin | Oakland, Painter
Gordy, Rose | Oakland, Writer
Greaser, Bev | Oakland, Photographer
Hall, Michael | Accident, Musician
Harvey, James H. | Kitzmiller,  Wood Artisan
Herdering, Linda | Accident, Photographer
Hershman, Renita | Swanton, Musician
Hill, Andrew | Oakland, Musician
Hill, Melodee | Oakland, Writer
Hill, Richard | Oakland,  Musician, Graphic Artist
Jacoby, Fred | Oakland, Musician
Johnson, Georgia | Oakland, Basket Artisan
Johnson, Victoria | McHenry, Fabric Artisan
Jones, Dr. Jim, Oakland, Musician, Opthamologist
Kauffman, Alma | Gortner, Rag Rug Weaver
Kauffman, Ellen | Gortner, Photographer
Kauffman, Frannie | Gortner, Rag Rug Weaver

Lee, Chip | Oakland, Photographer
Lyon, Joan | Accident, Potter
Maley, Carol | McHenry, Fabric Artisan
Matthews, Steven | Swanton, Pen & Ink
McClive, Rebecca | Oakland, Painter
Michaels, Kenneth | Oakland, Wood Artisan
Mickle, Mary | McHenry, Musician, Lessons in Piano, Voice
Moynahan, Denise | Oakland, Pen & Ink, Writer
Neville, Jim | Mountain Lake Park         Musician
Omholt, Barbara | McHenry, Jeweler
Peachey, Katie | Gortner, Rag Rug Weaver
Peacock, Frederick | Oakland, Painter
Peachey, Katie | Gortner, Rag Rug Weaver
Pratt, Sonia | Oakland, Painter
Reed, Michael | McHenry, Photographer
Rinard, Kendra | Oakland, Musician, Lessons in Piano, Brass, Woodwinds
Rippeon, Wendy | Accident, Fabric Artisan
Robinette, Debora | Oakland, Wood Artisan
Schooles, Susan L. | Oakland, Painter
Silkey, Evelyn | Swanton, Painter
Simcoe, Annie Morris | Accident, Paper arts
Simpson, Mike & Judy | Oakland, Wood Artisans
Sines, Joshua | Oakland, Metal work
Smith, Katharine | Oakland, Photography
Snyder, Pam | Oakland, Potter
Spencer, Jack  | Oakland, Writer
Stanton, Sandra | Oakland, Multiple Media
Stonesifer, Karina | Oakland, Jeweler
Stonesifer, Terri | Oakland,  Glass Artisan

Stumpf, Samantha | Accident, Potter, Pen & Ink
Swartzentruber, Ida | Gortner, Quilter
Turrentine, Julie | Swanton,  Glass Artisan and Musician
Turrentine, Moe | Swanton, Musician, Cond. Garrett Comm. Concert Band
Walch, Dr. Charles | Oakland, Musician
Wall, David | Oakland, Musician, Lessons in Brass, Flute
Warnick, Marcia | Swanton, Photographer
Weimer, Kim | Oakland, Musician
Winters, Bonetta | Oakland, Painter
Wotring-Nelson, Elizabeth | Oakland & Aurora, WV, Musician, Voice Lessons
Yoder, Cora | Gortner, Quilter
Yoder, Naomi | Gortner,  Quilter
Yoder, Malinda | Gortner, Quilter
Yonke, Robert | Swanton, Painter