If it’s from the 80s you’re in! Anything goes, just pick a celeb or a show or wear what you wore!

The Shows

the eighties were a full-on fashion assault. And television was a showcase for the slick, the Shimmering and the shouldered. Actors were playing opposite wardrobe and wardrobe was crushing it. this was when style and extravagance could solve crimes with holsters & Halters.

Miami Vice ignited men’s fashions and sparked trends in the eighties that still exist. Designers such as Vittorio Ricci, Gianni Versace, and Hugo Boss were consulted so the show’s lead characters could keep pace with European fashion trends at the time. Miami Vice wasn’t the only fashion-forward show guiding the way we dressed. Dynasty and Dallas were causing a stir with Joan Collins (Alexis Carrington Colby) and Larry Hagman (JR Ewing) in sharp-dressed, villainous roles.

It was hair that looked like wigs, but it was really the decade of the blow-dryer and the intro of product.

Hair & make-up

Yes, this is for everyone! Your hair was what placed you firmly in that decade. This is when guys stopped shaving close and “designer stubble” was born. A five O’clock shadow was vogue all day and hair was short… or it was long, but if it was big, it was never wrong. The “smokey” eye was just a glimmer, but it was growing and lipstick was a religion in a promised land of glamour.

Pat Nagle defined the new standards for beauty with his iconic airbrush imagery.

Pat Nagle defined the new standards for beauty with his iconic airbrush imagery.

80s Dudes

Go for it: Raybans or Aviators… big hair… belts and more belts… sleeves scrunched… suite jackets with collarless shirts/no tie… hight-waisted pants… pastels or black & white… torn shirts… double breasted jacket and tie… Oh, and there was Prince!


Whether you’re an officer or a gentleman, it’s risky business to show up without an eighties look!

80s Chicks

It’s a little more broad for the ladies. It was an overdressed decade, and eventually spawned casual Fridays. Flashdance came out in ‘83 and changed the “heather” business forever, which was already linked to the exercise craze. Now work-out attire inspired design and was considered fashion. Oh, and there was Madonna!


The Resources

Contact Our Town Theatre for costumes and accessories [props@ourtowntheatre.org]. Amazon is a great place for cheap knock-offs. Search words: miami vice suits for men, eighties womens dresses, etc.

Try rustyzipper.com, it’s got everything from track suites to business suites in high eighties style.

When searching, in general, start with a celebrity name + 1980s and you can see what they wore. Movie names will give you inspiration as well.


You know you’re in the 80s when It’s flashy and it’s Girly even when it’s not trying.


Hey, Drop us a line if you find a treasure trove of eighties goodies and we’ll share it. Share Here